Hey Reddit those of you with partners who talk in their sleep what is the creepiestweirdestor most random thing theyve stated

hat hey


who they are what they thinkmost lean toward a party; true independents tend to avoid politicsindependents often are portrayed as political free agents with the potential to alleviate the nations rigid partisan divisions. in addition far more independents say immigrants do more to strengthen. How independents view the political partiesIn a two party system it is not surprising that most Americans view their own party favorably while viewing the opposing party unfavorably. currently 87% of those who identify with the republican party view the democratic party unfavorably; republican leaning independents are almost as likely to view the democratic party negatively. If it works the Chiefs will set up the AFCs next dynasty and they will pop champagne and prepare speeches. but those moves saved $39 million in cap space for. But if youre trying to think along with Veach and the Chiefs front office this offseason thats the path. Again the Chiefs are not as talented or productive right now as the team that lost the AFC Championship Game

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