Ramona Singer Dorinda Medley Say That Keeping An Open Dialogue Is The Key To They Long Lasting Friendship

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TIL That the Etoro people of New Guinea believe that in order for a boy to achieve manhood they must first ingest the semen of their elders through fellatio. The nearby Kaluli tribe find this barbaric and instead believe that the semen should be delivered to the boys in the anus. The death penalty doesnt make our communities safer and has huge racial disparities. This announcement of the moratorium on Californias death penalty is morally right and has been a long time coming. The death penalty is an outdated cruel and inhumane form of corporal punishment that has no place in society today. While they do have their differences on occasion Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley have been really good friends for quite some time. And another cast member has recently spoken out about getting more of a voice and backbone on the current season of the reality show

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