Russia mocks US collusion probe ahead of Muellers report They say the whole process is about the Democrats stubborn refusal to admit that they lost the election

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There are already many places where robots and humans work next to each other on jobs that are similar or the same assistant professor Guy Hoffman of Cornells Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering noted. Cashiers scanning products next to automatic check out devices is one example he said. Robots powered by current technology could do at least 70% of their job duties the report said. EU leaders have renewed their warnings that Brussels will not agree a Brexit delay unless the UK can suggest a way out of the current deadlock. All 27 remaining EU states will have to agree a delay and leaders including Emmanuel Macron have said an extension would have to offer something new. Austrian foreign minister Karin Kneissl said there could be some problem in agreeing an extension if it took Brexit beyond the date of European elections. The UK is not currently scheduled to vote in Mays European Parliament poll but could be required to take part if it will still be an EU member much beyond then. they say the whole process is about the democrats stubborn refusal to admit that they lost the election. If it works the Chiefs will set up the AFCs next dynasty and they will pop champagne and prepare speeches. but those moves saved $39 million in cap space for

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