Imagine the US being governed by Mexico Why some UK lawmakers hated the Brexit deal

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s Brexit deal with the European Union is dead in the water after a majority of lawmakers rejected the withdrawal agreement in a crucial vote. Prime Minister Theresa Mays own Conservative Party and the majority of opposition parties in Parliament. Lawmakers from each of the main political parties in the U. told CNBC why they were so compelled to vote against the deal. imagine in america if the american people found themselves governed by a conservative member of parliament. An Arizona woman admitted to police that she slashed a mans tire simply because she saw a Make America Great Again hat sitting on his dashboard according to the Arizona Republic. No one has a right to destroy property because they dont agree with someone else Dugas told the Republic. Two of them spotted the MAGA hat in the car doing nothing. the driver knelt down next to dugass left front tire while the passenger stood. WhatsApp is doubling down on its efforts to fight misinformation on the app

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