18 year old slashes tire on a car over MAGA hat but the owner tracks her down from surveillance

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dugas works as a retail security manager so he went back into the mall to look at surveillance footage of the parking lot. Two of them peered into his vehicle where there was a red Make America Great Again hat on the console. The women went into a store reappeared seven minutes later and got into their car. But a minute later the driver and front passenger got out again. The incident happened last week as a Martin County school bus was en route to Hidden Oaks Middle School in Palm City. The bus aide later apologized when questioned by a Martin County deputy saying she did realize it was hat day at school. Were taking it very seriously Director of Safety and Security for the Martin County School District. Cini was forced to leave Jakes dilemma for wearing a MAGA hat he said. A man wearing a MAGA hat was assaulted while walking around downtown Tucson

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