Snapchat may announce its own gaming service next month

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Snap has been struggling to increase user growth but recently announced that it had boosted revenue last quarter by 36 percent. Jumping into gaming could be a way to bump both users and revenue. Snap investor Tencent indicated last year that it may collaborate with with the social media company on games. Tencents mobile gaming revenue has dropped lately due to tighter regulations in China so working with Snap in other regions might make sense. Snap recently acquired an Australian gaming company called Prettygreat and web based game engine startup PlayCanvas. Snap has been rumored to be leveling up its gaming ambitions for nearly a year. adds more background about snaps rumored gaming plans. The more control older adults think they have the younger they feel. We predicted that on days when older adults feel more in control than their personal average and explored the relationship in younger adults. these findings suggest that higher daily control is associated with younger subjective ages in older adults whereas other factors may play a more central role in the daily variations of younger adults subjective ages

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