REPORT Hillary Clinton Would Be In Jail Today If Obama DOJ Hadnt Ordered Stand Down On Investigations

hillary clinton


Much more to come!The just revealed FBI Agent Lisa Page transcripts make the Obama Justice Department look exactly like it was a broken and corrupt machine. So the Deep State shielded Hillary Clinton from justice while orchestrating a still ongoing hoax of investigations against President Trump. Hillary Clinton received what amounts to a secret pre pardon to avoid the possibility that she would be charged under the Espionage Act for her gross negligence in the handling and dissemination of classified material. Lisa Page says FBI and DOJ considered charging Hillary Clinton under the Espionage Act. She infamously held a secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton just prior to the FBI recommending against charging Hillary Clinton. Apparently and the individuals who are responsible for giving her a free pass are above answering for it. to fix our broken democracy and less money in politics. The House passed the #ForThePeopleAct to make those changes. But while shes at it maybe Clinton should make it mandatory for Democrat candidates to campaign in Wisconsin

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