Hand Carved Mahjong Tiles Were A Dying Craft In Hong Kong

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His is a dying craft in an era of mass top game Hong Kong and Taiwan. The 65 old artisan believes there are only three or four carvers left in Hong Kong. Hong Kong once was dotted with mahjong parlors but few are left. Its because the younger generations dont play mahjong that often anymore. but midway through a 50 year political experiment as it transitions to chinese rule not everyone here knows which way they want it to move. for the traveler the appeal of hong kong is. Prior to the handover government affairs in Hong Kong were overseen by a governor selected by the British Crown. meanwhile more than 55% of respondents said they had absolutely no confidence in hong kongs future. A Hong Kong bookseller who disappeared into Chinese custody for half a year said Friday he has fled to Taiwan after the financial hub announced plans to approve extraditions to the mainland. Right now Hong Kong is not safe for me anymore saying he had flown to the Taiwanese capital the day before

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