Nine Hong Kong activists face jail for leading mass protests to demand democracy from Beijing

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Ranging in age from their 30s to 70s the nine defendants span generations of Hong Kong citizens who have been agitating for full democracy. But Hong Kong judges have since faced mounting pressure from Beijing to hand down heavier sentences to deter future protests. The Hong Kong government last year banned a local political party that advocated the territorys independence from Beijing. Man kei Tam called the verdicts a crushing blow for freedom of expression and peaceful protest in Hong Kong. A group of Hong Kong democracy leaders were found guilty on Tuesday for their involvement in mass rallies at a trial that sparked renewed alarm over shrinking political freedoms under an assertive China. All three were found guilty of conspiracy to commit public nuisance. Tai and Chan were also convicted of incitement to commit public nuisance although all three were acquitted of incitement to incite public nuisance. No matter what happens today I have the confidence many people today will be together and continue to strive for Hong Kong democracy. It cannot be reasonably argued that a charge of conspiracy to cause public nuisance would generate a chilling effect in society he wrote. This case is about some Hong Kong people who love Hong Kong very much and believe that only through the introduction of genuine universal suffrage could a door be opened to resolving the deep seated conflicts in Hong Kong a professor

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