Midsommar Drags Pagan Folk Horror Into 21st Century

horror midsommar


A24The film plays out among a phantasmagorical take on the Swedish midsummer festival. I dove into Swedish midsummer traditions and Swedish folklore and Norse mythology. touching on even German and English midsummer traditions. The film blends real Swedish midsummer traditions with elements of Northern European folklore and myth. Talking to CNN before the films release however the only thing sacrificed is flowers. Much of Midsommars two out pagan ritualsa feel rather than a story. a sartorial hat tip to occult horror flick the wicker man is one clue. wall drawings seemingly innocuous games played in the background and the groups handwritten bible are ripe for future freeze framing. Overall Midsommar isnt quite the masterpiece Hereditary is its climax is visually stunning but not entirely surprising. still this gorgeous piece of filmmaking throws down a great challenge to other horror directors

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