Huawei CEO Says Companys Own OS Will Run Android Apps

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The BBC understands the devices will still offer the full Android experience including use of Googles own app store. That does not mean that Huawei loses all access to Android as the core operating system is an open source project. There has already been a lot of speculation that Huawei devices might be stuck with the current version of Android. So it cannot legally call its devices Android. Huawei has finally gone on the record about a ban on its use of Android but the companys long term strategy on mobile still remains unclear. Today we learned that Huawei wont be able to ship Android any more on their smartphones with likely severe consequences for their mobile device business. Ultimately we will also have to break free from Google services and the Android application environment. They can be used instantly but still retain the same benefits of native mobile apps when it comes to things like local storage and off line functionality. while we had some internal debate about which is the next best option we. On top of that and one were glad to recommend

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