China May Not Need Google But Huawei Does CNET

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pressure on Chinese firms such as tech giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is economic bullying and a move to try to prevent the countrys development process. power to suppress Chinas private enterprises Wang said in a statement on the website of Chinas foreign ministry. Wang also said in another statement that Chinas door would always be open to the U. for trade negotiations but would not accept any unequal agreements. The worlds two largest economies have escalated tariff increases on each others imports after talks broke down to resolve their dispute and the acrimony has intensified since Washington last week blacklisted Chinese telecom equipment and handsets company Huawei. The United States placed Huawei Technologies Co Ltd on a trade blacklist last week effectively banning U. firms from doing business with the worlds largest telecom network gear maker and escalating a trade battle between the worlds two biggest economies. trade conflict was fast turning into a technology cold war. Pompeo told CNBC the chief executive of Chinas Huawei Technologies was lying about his companys lack of ties to the Beijing government and he believed more U. companies would cut ties with the tech giant

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