Dutch Spy Agency Investigating Huawei Back Door And Links To China Espionage

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agricultural goods have been targeted by Chinas retaliatory tariffs are worried. He has not ruled out imposing punitive levies on all of Chinas imports to the United States. Lu said China opposes countries that create problems using national security as an excuse. He added that foreign companies operating in China lawfully had nothing to be concerned about. Chinas Commerce Ministry also urged the US not to implement the executive order that bars American companies from using telecommunications equipment made by Huawei. The executive order is an abuse of national security and unilateral trade sanctions the Ministrys spokesperson Gao Feng told reporters. According to state owned TV network CGTN Gao also asked the US to respect market economy rules and build a transparent and unbiased commercial environment for foreign companies. Europe has long been the battleground between Huawei and Washington. The company rode out reports of undisclosed CIA intelligence and the alleged Vodafone backdoor in Italian networking equipment. Either way if yesterdays executive order gave the U

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