Huawei Executive Labeled A Moral Vacuum In Heated UK Hearing

huawei executive


Im saying the interpretation of what that means Suffolk told the Commons science and technology committee. The executive fielded a series of hostile questions from the Conservative MP Julian Lewis who made it clear he did not accept the answers. The company has repeatedly said the Chinese government has never asked it to spy on its customers. The Huawei executive said he was not able to respond to that. I think you should do business with all companies that stick to the law Suffolk said. Conservative MP Julian Lewis confronted Suffolk saying there was a difference between good laws and bad laws. The Chinese tech giant Huawei was compared to the company that produced the lethal gas for Nazi extermination camps as one of its executives was probed by MPs. John Suffolk left MPs frustrated as he was accused of refusing to answer simple questions when he appeared before the Science and Technology Select Committee Monday. do you think when we come to write our report it would be fair to compare your company with ig farben who manufactured zyklon b and sold it to the german government during the second world war?mr suffolk replied. I would say if you are asking us should we ignore the law I am sure you would say no you should not ignore the law

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