Huawei is working on a series of stylish smart glasses

huawei glass


But that doesnt matter much because the family of frames looks pretty good. Theres still an awful lot of technology inside the frames which betrays how simple these early renders appear. Huawei has partnered with Korean glasses brand Gentle Monster to create what it calls its first pair of smart glasses. Apart from these audio features its unclear what else youll be able to do with the glasses. It doesnt seem like there is a camera within the glasses like there is on smart glasses such as the Snapchat Spectacles. Built with the help of Korean eyewear company Gentle Monster Huaweis smart glasses mark a foray into a new product area for the Chinese phone maker. first up is the sportier active edition with a 46mm. The tech giant has teamed up with Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster to release a pair of smart glasses that actually look like glasses. Or theyre not really smart glasses at all. Gentle Monster already has its fans whilst Tilda Swinton has collaborated on a range of eyewear with the brand

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