Huawei US May Withhold Intelligence From UK If It Lets Chinese Firm Build 5G Network Official Says

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The US may withhold intelligence from the UK if Theresa Mays government uses Chinese firm Huawei to build its next generation mobile internet infrastructure an American official has suggested. Having potentially compromised equipment and software provided by vendors in any part of that network is an unacceptable risk he said. US intelligence has suggested that Huawei is directly funded by the Chinese security services according to The Times. On Monday Jacob Rees Mogg said the matter of the leak was trivial when compared to the issue of the Chinese companys involvement in the 5G network. Robert Strayer said any involvement of the Chinese tech giant poses an unacceptable risk. The comments came after Theresa May was reported to have given the green light to the involvement of Huawei in non core elements of the UK network. Who is on the National Security Council?Other Cabinet ministers attend as required and heads of Intelligence Agencies MI5 and MI6 also attend when required. The leaks to the Daily Telegraph has triggered a Whitehall inquiry spearheaded by Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill to root out the culprit. warnings and deploy Huawei equipment within its 5G network the immediate response from Washington was relatively muted and understated. This can hardly come as a surprise to the U

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