Huawei Mate 30 series confirmed for September or October debut

huawei mate


The P30 series is fresh off its wraps but new details about Huaweis upcoming Mate flagship device are beginning to surface on the web. Additionally the upcoming Huawei flagship is rumored to be powered by a Kirin 985 SoC. Nonetheless as has always been the case with Huaweis flagship devices. The silence was because Huawei wont make a 5G version of the phone but it is considering a 5G connected version of its next major device. We are considering to put 5G on the next Mate series the CEO said in response to questions about the newly announced P30 and P30 not coming with 5G. huawei has already announced two 5g phones the 5g mate x and the 5g mate 20 x so early adopters will potentially have three huawei 5g phones to choose from as. Additionally so a new luxury version of the Mate 30 could launch alongside the 5G Mate 30 too. Thats around the time its next flagship phone an executive said in Malaysia on Wednesday. The Mate 30 is currently being tested in Huaweis labs Huawei Product Manager Bruce Lee told reporters at a P30 event in Malaysia. The P30 Pro has inherited a similar quad camera setup and is powered by the same Kirin 980 processor featured in the Mate 20 Pro

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