Huaweis Windows 10 Pcs Were Back On The Microsoft Store

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It wasnt long until the companys MateBook laptops were removed from the Microsoft Store. er and leakster walkingcat today the entire range of laptops are back. However MateBook X Pro is currently out of stock. As a result The Verge quoted a Microsoft spokesperson as saying on Monday. In May following US President Donald Trumps order to crack down on the Chinese tech company. You may recall that Huawei laptops were removed from Microsofts online store in May but these notebooks have now reappeared on the Microsoft Store. As a result we are resuming the sale of existing inventory of Huawei devices at Microsoft Store. three huawei notebooks are now listed on the us microsoft store matebook d and matebook x pro all being available to purchase. Beyond that new Huawei notebooks will not be offered to the general public in the US

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