Thailand Moves Forward With Chinese Tech Company Huawei To Build 5G Network

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Thailand Moves Forward With Chinese Tech Company Huawei To Build 5G NetworkThe Chinese company Huawei is now building and testing Thailands first 5G network. is urging allies not to let the Chinese company Huawei build their 5G networks. some people in thailand still concerned that what happens after that if chinese equipment?zawacki. With a Chinese company controlling all communications and interconnections between machines the fear is that choice will have already been made. bloomberg finance lpbritish security chiefs have concluded in a report that telecoms equipment from controversial chinese supplier huawei contains major defects. In response Huawei says that it takes the concerns seriously and wil work to improve its software engineering. The spokesperson noted that the NCSC report does not contain any suggestion of state interference. The report said its only possible to give limited assurance that long term national security risks from Huaweis involvement in critical British telecom networks can be adequately managed. government wants its European allies to ban the company from next generation mobile networks set to roll out in coming years over fears Huawei gear could be used for cyberespionage. The oversights board annual report also criticized Huawei for making no material progress in fixing technical shortcomings noted in last years report

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