New species of ancient human discovered in the Philippines

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In a cave in the Philippines scientists have discovered a new branch of the human family tree. At least 50 researchers reported on Wednesday. Its possible that Homo luzonensis stood less than three feet tall. Our species now inhabits a comparatively lonely world. He says it didnt look like a modern human bone. For example one toe bone is more curved than modern human toe bones. Another branch of the human family tree has been discovered a new species of early humans unearthed in a cave in the same part of the world as the famous hobbit Homo floresiensis. And researchers believe the Philippines discovery may still be the tip of the iceberg in terms of discoveries about the increasingly complex history of the human species scattered across the south Pacific. The dig site in Callao Cave on Luzon Island in the Northern Philippines where Homo luzonensis was discovered. At that time and eventually uncovered a partial femur and teeth from three individuals

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