Brett Velicovich Democrats open border fantasy vision is a lie we have a humanitarian crisis to fix

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We have a set of laws a set of policies in place that make it preferable to bring a child across. What the Border Patrol sees often is the same kid being recycled through and through because those kids act as tickets for the adults. In the one day I was there Crenshaw said. Even if the crisis magically ends tomorrow the consequences of this perfect storm of open borders insanity will be long lasting and profound. Illegal immigration provides them with a large pool of vulnerable young people from which they can draw new recruits to expand their ranks. The gains workers have made over the past two years are directly imperiled by a labor market awash with cheap illegal workers. Theyre still trying to sell you on the fantasy vision of the supposed benefits of open borders. The humanitarian crisis on our southern border is exactly what open borders look like. Human Trafficking Crisis at the BorderAnna PaulinaHuman trafficking is a major crisis in America. So you mentioned human trafficking and I know thats something thats very close to your heart

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