Dem Rep Lujan Humanitarian Crisis at Border Created by Trump

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There is a humanitarian crisis but its created by President Donald Trump. Whether its immigration reform or other important measures that we could be adopting together. When asked about the surge of illegal immigrants There are a number of people who have been turning themselves in to border patrol agents as the law allows in the United States for asylum seekers. And so when the Department of Homeland Security is reporting these numbers I dont believe that they are accurately describing the numbers with a number of people that are turning themselves in the versus those that are being apprehended. He concluded whether its his metering initiatives or other policies that have been put in place by Secretary Nielsen. Nanette Barragan say amid the departure of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen the situation at the border remains desperate. President Donald Trump has cried wolf so many times on the crisis at the border that one could be forgiven for dismissing his latest warnings. But even if the situation at the border is not a full fledged crisis theres no denying that a new rush of Central American asylum seekers has created a serious problem there. The Trump administration argues that when migrants are released never to be heard from again. right now border patrol hands over anyone it apprehends who requests asylum to immigration and customs enforcement

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