AP analysis tells clear sign of human caused climate change

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PEOPLE are setting their thermostats to 25C because theyre unconsciously trying to recreate the conditions of their ancient human ancestors a study has found. the extraordinary research found the average indoor temperature favoured by those living in in the west mimics kenyas climate which averages 25c. It may well be for evolutionary reasons this climate may be the one which we are best suited to. This is less than a third of a degree away from the average outdoor temperature which is 25. getty contributor 3 thermostats could be aping the conditions of africa where our ancestors evolvedconsumer crew cuts. On Tuesday Borenstein and Nicky Forster cited AP analysis that found hot temperature records in the U. climatologist john christy told me that borenstein framed the data wrongly. The AP is serving up nothing short of rank climate propaganda. He is the author of the book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change. But its one of the reasons why we deeply need to take on global climate change

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