Road ragers see cockroach cyclists as sub human study

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Cyclists need to be exterminated at least in the eyes of these road ragers. More than half of those behind the wheel dont see cyclists as completely human according to new research published in the journal Traffic Psychology and Behavior. The study dubbed dehumanization of cyclists predicts self reported aggressive behavior toward them investigated how 442 Australians perceive cyclists and found that 55 percent of the car drivers rated them as cockroaches. Yes the study findings were calculated based on two scales of humanity given to participants one of ape human. Lets talk about people who ride bikes rather than cyclists because thats the first step towards getting rid of this dehumanization she says. Following the studys publication some experts are now demanding the word cyclist be banned because it demeans humanity. Research has revealed some drivers see cyclists as literally not human which some use to justify dangerous behaviour against bike riders on the roads. the study by researchers at monash university quts centre for accident research & road safety queensland. New research has found more than half of drivers surveyed regarded cyclists as less than human. eddie jimlead author dr alexa delbosc from monash university said it didnt matter which chart was used; a portion of drivers regarded cyclists as less than human

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