First US Patients Treated With CRISPR As Human Gene Editing Trials Get Underway

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The first ethical issue concerns whether this research is scientifically sound enough to justify the use of animals said bioethicist Jacqueline Glover from the University of Colorado. Can this research be done with alternatives that do not involve risks to nonhuman primates?Groups are putting human genes in chimp brain oganoids as an alternative to using living primates for getting information about how human brain genes work. As for the Planet of the Apes comparisons while the experiment did improve the cognitive capabilities of the monkeys were unlikely to be seeing an ape uprising anytime soon. You wont hear more about it until theres been a presentation or a peer reviewed paper the university said. No matter what any practical uses could take a long time. there are widespread concerns that crispr editing could have unanticipated effects and scientists have yet to try editing cells while theyre still in the body. a chinese scientist stunned the world last year when he announced he had used crispr to create genetically modified babies. But scientists have long hoped CRISPR a technology that allows scientists to make very precise modifications to DNA could eventually help cure many diseases. CRISPR study that had been approved for cancer at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia has finally started. A university spokesman on Monday confirmed for the first time that two patients had been treated using CRISPR

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