Microbes in the human body swap genes even across tissue boundaries study

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Horizontal gene transfer is a major force of exchange of genetic information on Earth Caetano Anolls said. Most current methods for determining horizontal gene transfer compare DNA features or statistical similarity between genomes to identify foreign genes Nasir said. Some of these could be very old gene transfer events that happened before the microbes colonized the human body Nasir said. It also could be that some bacteria colonize different human body sites at different time points in an individuals lifespan. CHINESE scientists have gene hacked a group of monkeys to make them smarter in an experiment branded reckless by experts. The experiment involved exposing monkeys to human genes that affect the development of our brains. This led to the development of monkey brain cells resembling human development. However there was no difference in actual brain size. All of the monkeys have anywhere between two and nine copies of the human gene in their bodies. Making monkeys more smart and human editing to insert human brain gene in a monkey

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