Humans Might Be Alone In The Universe As Scientists Fail To Find Signs Of Alien Life

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Scientists have long tried to discover if there is life outside of our planet but to no avail. Space exploration has developed by leaps and bounds could survive. But when it comes to finding another organic being existing even within our own galaxy there is still a long way to go to prove theres actual alien life out there. The report also stated that even if what mankind knows about space we continue to be left without evidence that alien life is out there somewhere. Making monkeys more smart and human editing to insert human brain gene in a monkey. For the first time a team of Chinese scientists made use of gene like. By the end got smarter and had superior memories as compared to the unaltered monkeys. The gene made the monkeys brain develop along a more human like timeline. Chinese scientists have gene hacked a group of monkeys to make them smarter in an experiment branded reckless by experts. In a study published in the National Science Review a team of Chinese scientists revealed how they successfully edited a human gene into rhesus monkeys

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