Scientists develop acoustic levitation could enable the eventual levitation of humans

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Acoustic levitation is desirable because it can be used on any object not just materials and liquids that are magnetic. The only limitation with acoustic levitation is that the objects diameter must correspond to half the wavelength of the acoustic waves. this standing wave creates a consistent upwards pressure that if it has a strong enough amplitude. In short you could levitate just about anything with acoustic waves including a human. There are many chemical and biological processes that can be disrupted by contact with a surface and acoustic levitation is the perfect solution for such situations. An in depth study of the dolphin clitoris has revealed that these marine creatures may belong to a small group of animals that are known to experience sexual pleasure. Dolphins are known to have sex throughout the year even at times when they are not capable of conceiving. In other animals that do this sex can be pleasurable for females due in large part to clitoral stimulation. This led a team of scientists to investigate the genital anatomy of dolphins to determine what enjoyment round sex. Not only did the animals turn out to have large and well developed clitorises anatomically they were remarkably similar to those found in humans

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