Scientists Might Have Discovered a New Human Ancestor With DNA Analysis

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Amid warnings from bioethicists of a slippery slope scientists claim they now can use gene editing techniques to create smarter monkeys by making their brains more humanlike. The gene made the monkeys brain develop along a more human like timeline. The gene term memories in comparison to their unaltered peers the report said. To humanize them is to cause harm she wrote for MIT Technology Review. While we call ourselves Homo sapiens early human ancestors. This would make them the youngest archaic relative in our human lineage. A human genome analysis showed inconsistencies in pieces of DNA from populations in Southeast Asia and New Guinea indicating that modern humans bred with more than one lineage of Denisovan. Many things are unknown about this human relative scientists will hopefully uncover more about this chapter in ancient human history. Its time for the latest edition of What Could Possibly Go Wrong? the game show that pits seemingly unethical science against potentially catastrophic predictions. Eight of those monkeys were first generation obliterating the artificial part of transgenic by getting their human genes from their monkey parents

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