Incredible New Species of Human Unearthed

human specie


its quite incredible that is the hand and feet bones are remarkably australopithecine like. An international team of researchers have uncovered the remains of a new species of human in the Philippines proving the region played a key role in hominin evolutionary history. Co author and a lead member of the team Piper says the findings represent a major breakthrough in our understanding of human evolution across Southeast Asia. Whether it was Homo luzonensis butchering and eating the rhinoceros remains to be seen Professor Piper said. But with partial skeletons of at least nine individuals distinct member of the human family. Not that long ago and the hobbits on Flores all at the same time. A French team under Florent Dtroit from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and from H. scientists have identified a new human ancestor species previously unknown to science. As Michael Greshko and Maya Wei Haas write for National Geographic Homo erectus likely used land bridges to reach what is now Indonesia around a million years ago. Its also possible that Homo luzonensis descended from a Homo lineage other than Homo erectus

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