Kartarpur talks India will urge Pakistan to not utilise shrine for Khalistan propaganda

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India will urge Pakistan to not utilise the holy Kartarpur shrine for propaganda about the Khalistan issue sources said here on Wednesday. We would like to see that Pakistan doesnt use the presence of pilgrims from India in Kartarpur shrine for propaganda purposes on the Khalistan issue said a source aware of Indias plans for Thursdays talks that will finalise the details of the religious corridor project on the ground. The talks between Indian and Pakistani delegations on Wednesday will deliberate upon the passport and visa related issues. We are looking for visa free travel facilities for 5 said a source elaborating on the Indian position for the talks. But the word could refer equally well to Taseer himself. a sons journey through islamic lands which deal with a young indian who returns to his country after some years abroad. He loves the Brahmins for both their knowledge and their disdain for materialism. The blast reportedly created panic among civilians and caused minor damage to some structures

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