Trump offers clarity on Irans terrorist aims

iran terrorist


On Monday as a foreign terrorist organization. There is a difference between saying a state is a sponsor of terrorism and calling an arm of a state an actual terrorist organization. Iran returned the vessels and the sailors who later said the Iranians treated them with respect and dignity. Read moreThe approach will be much different. the american soldiers would be treated as terrorists and not as soldiers of a [state run. US President Donald Trump is unwilling to engage in military action against Tehran have an obsession with Iran. Central Command operating in the Middle East as a terrorist group. The American military must take responsibility for the dangerous consequences of its adventures in the region. If Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a terrorist organization because it has been directly involved in terrorist plotting malign activity and outlaw behavior in many countries then what label could justly describe the entirety of the US military & national security state?. Today the United States is continuing to build its maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime

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