Swedish Islamophobia Expert Turned ISIS Fighter Arrested in Syria

isis fighter


Swedish Norwegian Islamophobia expert turned Islamic State jihadist Michael Skrmos has been arrested by Kurdish forces in Syria with sources claiming Norway wants to prosecute the extremist. Skrmo had been one of the hundreds of Islamic State terrorists still fighting Kurdish forces and attempting to defend the village. Swedish YPG soldier Jesper Sder described the capture of the infamous jihadist He was arrested with a cluster of people. So he is big in Swedish context but he is small potatoes in the Islamic State Ranstorp said. backed Syrian Democratic Forces have killed dozens of ISIS fighters in the battle to reclaim the last of the caliphates territory in Syria. Four Islamic State fighters attempted suicide attacks and one SDF fighter was killed while four were wounded during the clashes at Baghouz SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali confirmed. The civilians are mainly family members who remained after thousands of civilians streamed out of Baghouz in past week during pauses in the fighting. The Britain based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said SDF fighters captured seven IS gunmen in Baghouz since Sunday. The Anne Frank Center has waded into the debate around ISIS terrorists returning to Germany with an unlikely take seemingly implying that they deserve the same rights as Jews persecuted by the Nazis. The Frankfurt jumped into the discussion with an unlikely defense of the Islamist militants

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