Israel Exposes Iranian Backed Hezbollah Terror Cell on Syrian Border

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According to Conricus collecting intelligence against Israeli targets. Were not going to allow Hezbollah to establish a terror infrastructure on the Golan capable of striking Israeli civilians Conricus said. Conricus said Israel holds the Syrian regime responsible for anything that happens inside Syria aimed at Israel. Anybody that cares about regional stability should be concerned about the fact that Hezbollah is trying to build a terror network on our doorstep he concluded. The Israeli military said Wednesday it has uncovered a militant network run by the Lebanese Hezbollah group inside Syria along the frontier with Israel. The military said the network collecting intelligence and recruiting locals for attacks against Israel. He warned that Israel will not allow any attempt by Hezbollah to entrench itself near the border and we will act with all our might. The Israeli military said the uncovered network was in its early stages and not yet operational. Israel recently exposed a Hezbollah tunnel network from Lebanon it says was aimed at carrying out attacks in Israel. With President Bashar al Assad regaining control of southern Syria with the help of Russia and Hezbollah backer Iran Israel is concerned that a front against it could be established there

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