Israelis vs Jews An Issue in Netanyahus Campaignand for the AIPAC Conference

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For AIPAC delegates and distinctive culture than a dream palace. Netanyahus version of the Jews holds partners. The awkwardness for American Jews is not their part in Americas plutocracy but their rationalizations of Netanyahus theocracy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday he would sue two of his main political rivals for libel claiming that they labeled him a traitor over a graft scandal involving a German submarine deal. Netanyahu was questioned by police in the investigation but investigators said last year that the prime minister was not a suspect. With Israels election just two weeks away Benjamin Netanyahu will get to showcase his close ties with Donald Trump in a U. visit just days after the president backed Israels hold over the occupied Golan Heights. Before returning on Thursday from the long planned trip to the home stretch of a close race Sara. It also set them firmly against a peace plan Washington says it will present after the Israeli ballot. For Trump Netanyahus embrace resonates with U

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