Netanyahu says Israel belongs to Jewish people alone in incident on nation s Arab population

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Israel is not a state of all its citizens he wrote in response to comments from the TV host Rotem Sela. According to the basic nationality law we passed Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people and only it. There is no problem with the Arab citizens of Israel. Carole Nuriel criticised Mr Netanyahu for his comments. The representation of Israeli Arabs in the Knesset has historically been a source of pride for Israel highlighting its democratic character. Netanyahu campaign in Israel draws accusations of fearmongeringJERUSALEM When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has run into political trouble in the past the political opposition and Israels Arab minority with incendiary and divisive language to galvanize his nationalist base. Despite the humor Tibi said he is concerned about what he views as Netanyahus attempt to demonize Israels Arab minority. He is delegitimizing the Arab parties he said. Arab parties never sat in an Israeli coalition government and they say they have no interest in doing so now. Few could have predicted President Trump would be this good at surrendering the political advantage of a strong economy

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