Radio Stations Are Banning Michael Jacksons Music in Wake of Leaving Neverland

jackson neverland


The allegations of child molestation highlighted in HBOs Leaving Neverland documentary might make Michael Jackson the new face of cancel culture. 4 three Montreal radio stations pulled Jacksons music following the Sunday premiere of Leaving Neverland. Were just merely trying to make sure that our radio stations are going to play the music that people want to hear. Following the broadcast of Leaving Neverland on Channel 4 Michael Jacksons albums have climbed the UK album charts. Fans of Jackson have also protested the documentary with Michael Jackson innocent posters appearing around London. Leaving Neverland was broadcast in two parts. MICHAEL Jacksons record sales and streams are sinking amid fresh claims he sexually abused kids in Leaving Neverland. 6 Five albums are currently rising up the iTunes chartsUgh can people finally stop talking about Michael Jackson like???Im still gonna listen to his music Chaotic Bi. I will always listen to Michael Jacksons music just like I did growing up. according to reports by Nielsen Music and Billboard

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