Japan says next emperor Naruhitos era name is Reiwa effective May 1 when he takes the throne from his father

japan reiwa


Above is a livestream from the Prime Ministers Office of Sugas announcement. The two characters used in the new name mean order or command and peace or harmony. Originally published as New Japan imperial era to be named Reiwa. Zuckerberg and Facebook have come under fire for failing to protect their users private information so the timing of this op ed makes sense. He said he wants a comprehensive globalized plan in the same vein that does not vary country by country. Data portability Zuckerbergs last major point is that regulation should guarantee data portability. japan says name for new era of naruhito will be reiwajapans chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga unveils the name of new era reiwa at the prime ministers office in tokyo . Discussing and guessing new era names in advance is not considered a taboo this time because Akihito is abdicating

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