Jeopardys James Holzhauer Reveals Five Banned Wagers Including 69

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I dont feel I get enough credit for making small he tweeted. while jeopardy fans may not see any nice answers in the near future. ing holzhauer is almost pleasant in a way that. Holzhauer knows some niche stuff and is incredibly solid on classic subjects like geography but he is not encyclopedic. but by considering raw odds of getting a correct answer and by constraining all the uncertainty to the hardest clue Holzhauer may be leaving overall less money on the table. This is borne out by more Jeopardy statistics that relate clues value and the rate at which they are answered correctly or incorrectly in order to get a payout value. $2 because the raw odds of getting them right are much lower. The end of a Jeopardy era is upon us on Monday as the shows producers have informed me that theyre no longer allowing personal messages in Final Jeopardy. During the game Saunders reports Holzhauer had 28 correct and one incorrect response and was first on the buzzer 47% of the time. with $27 levin had 20 correct responses

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