right wing christians stage bizarre passion play by dressing up as pete buttigieg and whipping jesus

jesus christ


Frances culture minister says the most precious treasures of Paris Notre Dame cathedral have been saved after a devastating fire including the crown of thorns Catholic relic and the tunic of Saint Louis. Culture Minister Franck Riester told reporters outside Notre Dame that other works are being transferred from a storeroom in City Hall to the Louvre on Tuesday and Wednesday. Paris mayor in a tweet thanked firefighters and others who formed a human chain to save the precious artifacts. Louis and many other major artifacts are now in a safe place she wrote. Jean Marc Fournier a believed to have been worn by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. Every vote is a lash on the back of Christ. Devil saying theres nothing like a warm cup of blood in the morning. Devil says Buttigieg is polling number one in hell pic. papa shango set a jobbers feet on fire except to put lifts on his shoes. this weeks episode superstars tag page

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