30 gravestones vandalized at Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts

jewish cemetery


More than 30 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts were vandalized with swastikas and anti Semitic graffiti over the weekend. including heil Hitler and Hitler was right. Police said they are conducting an investigation and no arrests have been made. There has been another disturbing incident of vandalism in a Jewish cemetery this time at Hebrew Cemetery in Fall River Massachusetts. Dozens of defaced gravestones were discovered by a cemetery worker on Sunday. First defacement of any sort in any cemetery is disgusting and disrespectful both to those buried there and their loved ones. Last year several incidents initially thought to be borne of anti Semitism were later revealed to be borne of pure idiocy. Were they inspired by anti Semitism and attempting to harass and intimidate the Jewish community?. Police in Massachusetts were continuing the search on Wednesday for the culprits behind the shocking desecration of a Jewish cemetery last weekend. This is MAGA country Make America Great Again

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