Israel To Honor Pittsburgh Jewish Leader After Tree Of Life Shooting

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best breweries to visit while youre in minneapolisbeer lovers visiting minneapolis for the final four wont have to go far to find minnesotas most beloved beers. But for hop heads seeking a more direct experience of the states brewing culture because theyre well worth the Lyft ride. Omar Chowdhury was elected on a platform of zero tolerance for racismA Bristol University Black and Ethnic Minorities officer is facing an investigation after telling a Jewish student he should be like Israel and cease to exist. Sally Patterson said the student union is investigating the case. This is clearly someone who shouldnt be representing Bristol students. an anonymous student said the incident made them so uncomfortable as a jewish studentsally patterson said the student union is investigating the case. Ms Patterson said the student union had become aware of the comments made by Mr Chowdhury and spoken to both students involved

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