US deploys emergency spy plane to monitor North Korea amid fears Kim Jong un is preparing to announce a rocket devastating Trump peace talks

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Murder Charge Dropped Against Vietnamese Woman In Death Of Kim Jong Uns Half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Four North Korean suspects fled the country within hours. Huongs lawyer told reporters those North Korean suspects were the real assassins the AP reported. By tradition former CIA analyst Jung Pak of the Brookings Institution has explained. This is not a calculated action to remove Kim Jong Nam because he was a challenge to power per se he said. Police later said the victim was a North Korean man known as Kim Chol based on his passport. Malaysias then Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi confirmed that Kim Chol was Kim Jong Nam. north korean ri jong chol was released due to a lack of evidence and deported. north korea banned malaysian citizens in its country from leaving as tension escalated over kims killing. PENTAGON chiefs have dispatched a spy plane to monitor North Korea amid concerns it is plotting to launch a rocket it emerged today

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