States attorney asked Chicagos top cop to turn Jussie Smollett probe over to FBI texts show

jussie smollett


Kiera Ellis said Smolletts relative was specifically concerned about leaks to the media that purportedly came from the Police Department. First Assistant States Attorney Joe Magats was placed in charge of the investigation. Maybe I should have just recused myself from the difficult cases that came across my desk when I was states attorney she posted on Facebook. empire returns for first episode since jussie smollett arrest. And Jamal tells Kai if hes going to be with him then he has to understand all of him and that hes a Lyon and hes done apologizing for that. Then Jamal gives Kai back his engagement ring and Kai leaves and Jamal breaks down crying and kicks over his keyboard. The episode ends with Jamal playing a piano and singing over his parents fighting about what Empire has done to their family. in chicagothe attorney for two brothers accused of staging a racist and homophobic attack on empire actor jussie smollett says the men regret their involvement. She told reporters on Wednesday that the brothers agreed to help Smollett because of their friendship with him and the sense that he was helping them in their careers. Schmidt says the Nigerian brothers have come to realize how much the incident has negatively affected minorities and particularly victims of actual hate crimes

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