Haftar orders troops to advance on Tripoli as UN chief warns of Libya confrontation

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I am deeply concerned by the military movement taking place in Libya and the risk of confrontation the visiting UN chief tweeted from the capital. Haftars forces have emerged as key operators opposing the government in Tripoli and backing a parallel administration in the east. The European Union warned that the military buildup underway in Libya and the escalatory rhetoric. seriously risks leading to an uncontrollable confrontation. The United States and four allies are urging competing factions in Libya to immediately de escalate tensions. He ordered forces not to open fire on any civilians saying whoever raises the white banner is safe. Antonio Guterres remarks came as Libyan forces loyal to strongman Khalifa Hifter entered the town of Gharyan south of the capital. Eight years after the fall of strongman leader Moammar Gadhafi the North African country is mired in violence and split into rival administrations. The administration of General Khalifa Haftar is often at odds with the Western backed government based in Tripoli. Also in the mix are multiple tribes competing for control of Libyas dwindling oil wealth scattered across the vast country

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