In Libya fears of full blown civil war as fighting nears capital Tripoli

libya tripoli


The country has been split between rival governments in the east and west and an array of militias fighting over power and oil fields. Skirmishes were reported overnight in the mountain district of al Assabaah according to the media office of Hifters forces. The campaign then extended southward as Hifters forces took control of key towns and border crossings earlier this year and now is pushing west toward Tripoli. We hear your call according to recording of a speech he gave to troops. The campaign marks the boldest advance yet by Haftars LNA the countrys most organized military force. The LNAs spokesman said that Tripoli residents would be safe and urged all to surrender their weapons. While better organized than rivals Haftars forces are a disparate collection of moderately hire. fighting was going on near the former international airport which haftars libyan national army. The coastal capital Tripoli is the ultimate prize for Haftars eastern parallel government. confiscated military vehicles from libyan commander khalifa haftars troops are seen in zawiyah

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