Libya Air raids target Haftars advancing forces near Tripoli

libya tripoli


These areas are on the southern outskirts of Tripoli adding clashes could erupt in each of the locations at any time. As fresh fighting between the competing factions flared which sits about 50km south of the capital. Meanwhile the UN Security Council urged Haftars forces to halt their advance and warned that those responsible for reigniting conflict would be held responsible. The council called on LNA forces to halt all military movements and on all forces to de escalate military activity who holds the councils presidency. BY RAMI MUSABENGHAZI two days after Hifter ordered his forces to seize the seat of Libyas U. Hifters media office said in a post online that they took full control of the Tripoli international airport and were working to secure the facility. the internationally backed government in tripoli and the government in the east which hifter is aligned with. The media office said that troops also captured the area of Wadi el Rabeia amid clashed with militias loyal to Sarraj. com content on all platform for just $2. Haftars forces claimed full control over Tripoli International Airport Saturday but this was disputed by Tripoli GNA officials

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