Libya Clashes rage near Tripoli as UN ceasefire attempt fails At least 21 people have been killed since a Libyan general announced a blitzkrieg campaign to capture Tripoli

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Haftars forces launched a military offensive to capture the Libyan capital of Tripoli last week threatening to send the conflict ridden country into further chaos. The UN had called for a two hour truce on Sunday to allow civilians and those wounded in clashes to flee. Libyas rocky path to democracy Militias gaining strength Another problem facing Libya in the post Gadhafi era was the rise of violent militias. Libyas rocky path to democracy Deeply divided Political divisions became deeper in the years following Gadhafis ouster. The United States and the United Nations have all voiced calls for a ceasefire in Libya. Forces under General Khalifa Haftar launched an attack on the capital Tripoli last Thursday with the aim of taking the city. General Haftar has said his troops will not stop their assault on Tripoli. Libya has erupted into civil war as the rebel army commander Khalifa Hafter launched airstrikes on the southern suburbs of Tripoli in defiance of a UN truce. The UN Mission to Libya today for a truce for two hours in southern Tripoli to evacuate civilians and wounded it said in a statement without giving details. Armed groups allied to the Tripoli government have moved more machinegun mounted pickup trucks from Misrata to Tripoli to defend it against Haftars forces

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