Libya crisis over 20 killed in fighting near Tripoli

libya tripoli


troops has been in Libya in recent years as well as protecting diplomatic facilities. Footage circulating online showed two apparent U. In recent years each backed by various armed groups. Fayez Sarraj accused Hifter of betraying him. im more concerned about capability and thats where im not sure whether his. Other footage on social media appeared to show an American vessel leaving a site near Tripoli. A small contingent of American troops has been in Libya to help combat Islamic militant groups. Security Council on Saturday called on Hifter forces to halt all military movements and urged all forces in Libya to de escalate and halt military activity. Saturdays aerial assault came a day after Hifters forces clashed with militias aligned with the United Nations and the Western backed Government of National Accord. Hifters forces were stopped from advancing local media reports said

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