Military affront on Tripoli is quotin publics interest says Libyan rebel group

libya tripoli


the eastern libyan forces held by the united nations backed government of national accord. Our forces launched the first airstrikes on three positions. He argued that the battle for Tripoli was specifically launched to defend civilians for the dignity of Libya. mitiga airport was shuttered after it was attacked by haftars so called libyan national army. There is also fighting around Tripolis international airport which has not been operational for years. Haftar forces attacked Tripoli four days ago a GNA official told CNN Monday. As of yesterday and today Haftar forces have been pushed back and Tripoli secured. Eastern forces and troops loyal to the government in Tripoli continue to fight on outskirts of Libyas capital as the battle forced thousands of residents to flee their homes. Residents reported LNA planes buzzing Tripoli and the sound of clashes in outskirts of the city. Adel Karmous said the government in Tripoli didnt have the means to fight

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